Commission Composition

The Alameda LAFCO is composed of two county supervisors selected by the Board of Supervisors; two city council representatives selected by a majority of the mayors in the county; two special district board members selected by the special district selection committee; and one public member selected by the other six members. There is an alternate for each category – city, county, special district, and public. The composition of Local Agency Formation Commissions may vary in other counties. Some LAFCOs do not have independent special district representation on their Commission, thereby reducing the Commission to five members. Also some LAFCOs including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Clara and San Diego, through special legislation, have reserved a seat on the Commission for a representative from the county’s major city.

Public Involvement

Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend regular LAFCO meetings and state their views during public hearings on proposals before the Commission. In addition, the meetings provide an excellent opportunity for citizens to familiarize themselves with the growth, development and inter-jurisdictional issues facing their county. Copies of the minutes, meeting agendas and staff reports are available on this website or by contacting the Alameda LAFCO.